Woman With A Black Hat and Shall
Femme au Chapeau et a la Cape Noire

Year: 1890

Description: This color lithograph is one of the earliest known published works by Hermann-Paul. Its style owes much to Toulouse-Lautrec and the artists around him. Here we see the colors and textures that would define his lithography during the 1890s.

H-P would draw on a stone with lithographic crayon. After the material was fixed to the stone, he washed the whole thing with water. The greasy image repelled the water which dampened the bare stone. Then Hermann-Paul would apply printers ink to the stone. Since water repels grease, the ink sat only on the image area. After the stone was inked, Hermann-Paul would lay paper on the stone and apply pressure with a roller. He repeated the process for multiple colors.

Provenance: L'Estampe Originale

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