Licensing Information

We often receive requests for high resolution images along with requests for permission to reproduce Hermann-Paul’s work in various formats. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate either.

High Resolution Images

 We don’t have high resolution images. All the copyrighted works on this site were published under the terms of fair use. Under conditions established by US courts for fair use on the Internet, we publish low resolution images to supplement commentary about the work. These images have already been published and are generally available.


 Much of Hermann-Paul’s work prior to January 1, 1923 is available in the public domain. You do not require permission to reproduce it. Residents of other countries should consult the terms and conditions of public domain for the nations in which they desire to reproduce the work.
June 23, 2010 marked the 70th anniversary of Hermann-Paul’s death. At that time, nearly all his work entered the public domain in the United States.